Physics of Flying 1/2

John Hagelin, PhD

Dr. Hagelin graduated summa cum laude in Physics from Dartmouth (in just 3 years - an unusual accomplishment in the Ivy League where most students need 4 years). He earned a PhD in Physics from Harvard University, and was selected to do post doctoral research at the renowned CERN and Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC) laboratories.  He is a daily practitioner of Yogic Flying, and lectures on the Physics of Flying and Quantum Gravity Theory, which has superceded the gravitational theories of  Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein in experimental accuracy.

The Physics of Flying

John Hagelin, PhD, Professor of Physics

Introduction by Robert Keith Wallace, PhD

Professor of Physiology, Maharishi University

Professor Hagelin lectures to physics students at MUM.
"Newton's Laws are not absolute laws of nature."

A lecture on the physics of flying, or levitation.
"How is it possible?"

Lecture to physics students
Newton's Laws are not absolute laws of nature.

Einstein's General Relativity has been replaced by
Quantum Gravity theory, shown by a wave of probable events
of the curvature of space time geometry

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Maximum Coherence

A New Picture of Gravity
A New Picture of Gravity 
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Einstein's success in explaining gravity as warps and curves in the fabric of space and time set him on a quest to unify gravity with electricity and magnetism.   running time 7:11

Fundamental Particles and Interactions

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