E. Related to flying with an Engine, or Equipment assisted flight

  E Off We Go US Air Force theme lyrics Off we go
Into the wild blue yonder
  E Air Force One President
none The official jet the President of the United States uses to fly around the world. President George W. Bush delivers a statement to the media in front of Air Force One at Toledo, Ohio Express Airport, Friday, Oct. 29, 2004.  White House photo by Eric Draper
  E Flight Control - Go for Launch

Apollo 13 Launch

Apollo 13 movie lyrics

The flight of Apollo 13
  E Top Gun Kenny Loggins lyrics
Top Gun Flight School
movie about U.S. Navy "fly boys"
  E "Маленький самолёт"
"Small aircraft"
Valeriya video Fly above the earth, cities and quiet VALERIYA - Small airplane - Маленький самолет
  E Rocket Man

1966 movie

A song by Elton John


And Iím gonna be high as a kite by then
I miss the earth so much I miss my wife
Itís lonely out in space
On such a timeless flight
Iím a rocket man
  E Iron Man

Tony Stark
puts on the Iron Man suit and can fly
The ultimate Iron Man suiting up scene.
Like the "Invincible Iron Man" be still and let the Laws of Nature put on your Golden Dome of Invincibility, turn on your inner light, and fly with your full potential,through the TM and TM-Sidhis Program including Yogic Flying

  E At the Hop Danny and the Juniors lyrics Let's all do the hop!
Hop! hop! hop!

  E Loop de Loop Beach Boys lyrics Loop de loop flip flop fly away
Have you ever been in airplane
When the flyin' circus comes to town
Count your change
You can come and walk the wing with me
  E Batman theme
A man who dresses up like a flying rodent to fight crime, sometimes using his BatWing.

Batman practices TM

lyrics Batman, Batman, Batman, Batman
Batman, Batman, Batman.
Da da da da, Da da da da
Da da da da, Dah!  Batman!
  E Fly Away From Here AeroSmith
Steven Tyler
lyrics Fly away from here.
Yeah anywhere honey
I donít I donít I donít care
Weíll just fly...
  E Time for Me to Fly REO Speedwagon lyrics I make you laugh
And you make me cry
I believe itís time for me to fly
  E Up Up and Away Fifth Dimension lyrics We could float among the stars together,
You and I
For we can fly!
e can fly!
  E Learning to Fly Pink Floyd


There's no sensation to compare with this
Suspended animation, A state of bliss.
Can't keep my eyes from the circling skies
Tongue-tied and twisted just an earth-bound misfit, I
  E Come Fly With Me Frank Sinatra
Michael Bubble
lyrics lyrics


Come fly with me,
Letís fly letís fly away
Once I get you up there, Where the air is rarefied
Weíll just glide, Starry eyed
  E Star Trek
often featured godlike beings mastering natural law, from Charlie X to Q.
First Contact
Captain Kirk of the Star Ship Enterprise, born Riverside, Iowa (William Shatner)
Zefram Cochrane -Inventor of warp drive, and first human to fly faster than light (5 Apr  2063)


Star Trek, in to outer space
A parsec per second, our pace
And we'll beam up,
and fly faster than light
all over the place.

  E ThunderBirds

Thunderbirds Movie

Thunderbirds Are Go - Busted

Jeff Tracy and sons
International Rescue Inc.



Special flying craft with hover capability rescue people internationally.
Unidentified Flying Objects
Gerry Anderson's TV series about SHADO




My Favorite Martian

Ray Walston
Bill Bixby




Uncle Martin repairs his flying machine in Tim's garage.  He had the ability to levitate objects with his mental powers.
  E The Jetsons

Future technology will enable use to fly.
Jane & George Jetson



Meet George Jetson
His boy, Elroy
Daughter, Judy
Jane, his wife


  E Son of Flubber

Absent Minded Professor

Blinded me with science

Professor Ned Brainard invents an anti-gravity substance, a green goo which can float.

Fred MacMurray 1963
Robin Williams  1997

  E Monty Python's Flying Circus "The Liberty Bell"
march by
John Phillip Sousa


  E Fly Away Home Mark Isham
info A family of orphaned geese who lost their way. A 14 year old kid who will lead them home. To achieve the incredible, you have to attempt the impossible.
  E Microsoft Flight Simulator
Bill Gates

The High And The Mighty: A Century Of Flight by Original Soundtrack
The High and Mighty: A century of flight

Composers: John Williams ; Sir William Walton; Henry Mancini; Jerry Goldsmith; John Barry; Franz Waxman; Elmer Bernstein.