Donald Sosin

Vata Tea Party

Side One
Vata Tea Party
Age of Enlightenment
Beautiful Ladies of Fairfield
Little Proton
Just Around the Bend


Side Two:
Amrit Kalash
Yogic Flying Team
Vata Tea
World Peace
Close Your Eyes

Yogic Flying Team

If the athletes of the world desire
to realize the dream
Of a true Olympic champion
Join the Yogic Flying Team 2

Hover there. 
Hover there.
What a thrill
Soon we will
Hover there.

Mama, please embroider
The road to Noida 3
on my T shirt
and my flying chair 4

Every lady
All the gents
In the hall
And through all four events

We will hover
We're going to hover
And we won't come down
when we hover over there.

Hover there
Hover there
Those are folks
Who make jokes
We don't care

'Cause with Sidhas hopping
the crime is dropping 5
And sickness stopping everywhere

So be bold
Don't grow old 6
Use your brain 7
Don't refrain
Go for gold

We'll hover
And we'll discover
That we won't come down
When we hover over there.

From the halls in Fairfield, Iowa 8
To the Shoreham in DC 9
We prevent the planet's battles
by coherent EEG

With the help of Ayur Veda 10
Every crop will be the cream
And each hop is bliss
If you do this
Join the Yogic Flying Team!

NOTES - for those who don't live in Fairfield

1 Vata Tea is one of the Ayur Vedic drinks prescribed for optimal neuro-physiological functioning. 

2 Yogic Flying Team - selected high hoppers to compete in events such as hurdles, broad jump, and high jump

Yogic Flying Team
Press at Competition
25 Meter Hurdles
Broad Jump
High Jump

Doug Birx awards
Champion Rod Falk

3 Noida is a suburb of New Delhi in India where the students of the Vedic Science Course stayed in 1980.  It is one of the campuses of the Maharishi Institute of Management.

4 Some Sidhas use a "back jack" or flying chair during the meditation phase of the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhis program.

5 Scientific research shows that collective practice of the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhis program reduces crime and other problems in society.

wpe2B.jpg (4232 bytes)
Log of terrorism casualties and injuries is lower during large Yogic flying Assemblies as reported in the press.
Global Reduction of Violence and Terrorism

Scientific Research on the Maharishi Effect

Summary table of papers

wpe2C.jpg (5512 bytes)
Orme-Johnson, David.W., Dillbeck, Michael.C., Alexander, Charles.N., Chandler, H.M., & Cranson, R.W. (1989, September). Strategic interventions reducing international conflicts and terrorism: Time series analysis of the effects of coherence-creating groups. Paper presented at the 85th Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association, Atlanta, GA.

6 Studies have found a decrease in the rate of biological aging with regular practice of the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhis program.

7 Studies show that latent reserves of the brain, and increased integration of the left and right cerebral hemispheres, are developed through regular practice.

8 Flying halls of the Men and Ladies' Golden Domes in Fairfield Iowa

9 The Shoreham Hotel in Washington DC was the location of many World Peace Assemblies, until the Peace Palace was built.

10 Ayur Veda is the Science of Life, with practices and foods prescribed for optimal neuro-physiological functioning. 


Donald Sosin