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This month's attention on:

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Henry Ogden Clark Architect of
The Golden Domes

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of Science
and Public

Maharishi Patanjali Golden Domes of Pure Knowledge
America's Peace Keepers and Brain Wave Coherence Generators

2000 Yogic Flyers Now! - campaign to increase attendance and avert further terrorism

1 Golden Dome Way, Maharishi University of Management, Fairfield, Iowa, 52557, USA

Pursuing the end of terrorism on all fronts - at its basis - societal stress and tension,
and undevelopment of the cerebral cortex found in violent individuals - due to improper, unbalanced education.

The Golden Domes of Fairfield Iowa are the world's largest facility for the development of higher states of consciousness through the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhis Program, including Yogic Flying. Practicing this program in large groups has been found to more quickly develop the full potential of the individual, the state of Enlightenment. From the campus of M.U.M., near the population center of the United States, the group generates the Maharishi Effect.

This field effect of consciousness, emanating from the heartland, is America's first line of defense, helping to avert negative intentions before they rise to action. The calming influence of coherence helps provide national security and invincibility, overflowing from the USA through every nation, the basis of world peace.

As the world's most generous contributors to Maharishi's programs for World Peace, Americans have enjoyed great support of Natural Law in return. Since the inauguration of the Golden Domes in 1997, when the country was deeply in debt and doubt during the cold war, America has grown to become the most creative, inventive, strongest, and wealthiest nation on Earth.

The Golden Domes are America's major Peace Keepers. But at some times, we have taken this protective shield for granted. In the months before September 2001, as attendance waned in the domes, national consciousness coasted towards dullness. It was said that "America's luck run out"  as support of natural law ran out.   Terrorist thoughts were able to come to action.  Following this, a great push to increase attendance has helped America become stronger than ever.

The practitioners of the TM and TM-Sidhis program in the United States of America have been pioneers of the Age of Enlightenment, showing the people of all nations what is possible to achieve with this ancient Vedic technology.

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Global Reduction of Violence and Terrorism

Scientific Research on the Maharishi Effect

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Orme-Johnson, D.W., Dillbeck, M.C., Alexander, C.N., Chandler, H.M., & Cranson, R.W. (1989, September). Strategic interventions reducing international conflicts and terrorism: Time series analysis of the effects of coherence-creating groups. Paper presented at the 85th Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association, Atlanta, GA.

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Support of Natural Law

during the Construction

 Previous snapshots


Kalash put on top

Ground Breaking Speeches

World Peace Endowment

Emily Levin (1.3 megs)
Rick Stanley (1.3 megs)

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Photographs from the Video
of the Construction and Inauguration

Fast Connection

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
Inaugurates the Dome
Built in only 108 Days
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George Todt, Project Supervisor
Henry Ogden Clark, Architect
Tom Weinbrenner, Architect
Steve Hoffman, Crew Foreman
and many other volunteers

7000 meditators at "Taste of Utopia" Convention
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Rising Sidhas raise collective consciousness
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TM also raises IQ
Turns dummy into Mensan
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Army General Offers President Bush
Adjunct to Missile Defence Shield

Top-Ranking Military Leader from India Proposes
"Vedic Defence Shield" 
for Prevention of War and Terrorism

A top-ranking army general, who helped lead the fight against terrorism in India for nearly three decades, came to Washington, D.C. September 10th, 2001 to speak at the Hay Adams Hotel, across the park from the White House, to offer President Bush an effective addition or alternative to his National Missile Defense Shield.

Major General Kulwant Singh, a 35-year career army veteran backed by a growing number of military leaders worldwide, will encourage President Bush and national leaders to immediately deploy "Vedic technologies of defence" - a scientifically proven approach that diffuses regional tensions and prevents conflict. Continued here

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Scenes from wpe23.jpg (3788 bytes) NBC News feature

Enlightened Sentencing Project

Sentenced to Meditate
Judge David Mason's landmark decision
to use TM in probation makes the news
Report from Channel 5 TV, St. Louis, Missouri


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