IntroductionA short drive to the Dome

5:00 Down the steps

5:00:30 Down the walk and out the SthapatyaVed fence

Out the East facing Vastu fence

5:01 To the car, and warm it up

5:02 Out of the drive way turn right at the stop sign

5:02:30 Go down the road

5:03 Past the swimming pool

5:03:30 Drive past the Dome

5:04 Around the bend

5:04 In to the parking lot

5:05 Ladies Dome - drop off the wife

5:06 Drive around to the Men's Dome

If you get here early there are plenty of spaces

If you get there late, good luck

Park the car

5:10 Get out of the car

You can leave your car in the free parking lot

5:11 Walkway to the Dome

Go to the Dome