Physics of Flying 2/2

"The classical laws of nature which seemingly govern what we can and cannot do in daily life, are not really laws at all.  They are 'statistical laws'-they are descriptions of what happens, on average, as a result of innumerable microscopic events."

"During Transcendental Meditation, the mind effortlessly traverses the entire range of natural law, from the obvious macroscopic level to finer and finer levels of nature's functioning."

"Gravity is the last of the forces of nature to transcend its classical laws-quantum gravity does not begin until the unified field itself is reached."
"Because where certain other competencies, super-normal abilities, may be possible at more subtle levels of thinking,..."

"...Yogic Flying, the ability of the body to float and fly, really demonstrates mastery over the gravitational force and you can't master gravity without transcending the classical laws that prevent such a phenomenon, without taking recourse to quantum gravity...the level of the Unified Field. "

Student asks Dr. Hagelin to explain the mechanics.

"Yogic Flying is a clear demonstration of the capability of the human nervous system to function coherently at the level of the Unified Field."

"Just by putting an infinitesimal input, the most delicate possible impulse, it is possible to tip the scale, to affect the statistical laws of averaging, to overthrow the classical laws on the macroscopic level"

"In the case of TM-Sidhi Yogic Flying, this means that an impulse can alter the shape of the gravitational field."

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