Evolution of Terminator

Created by US Military Industrial Complex contractors
Let's not let this happen

Estimated Time Hominid Type Description Photo
5,000,000 BC
to 4,000,000 BC
Ardipithicus ramidus Sharing 98% of the same genes as modern man., eats fruit, leaves, seeds, Myocene era drawing of Ardipithecus ramidus
4,000,000 BC
to 1,200,000 BC
Walks on feet and hands, bipedialism, vegetarian
anamensis, afarensis, africansus, robustus
"Common ancestor" of humans and apes
2,200,000 BC
to 1,600,000 BC
Homo habilis
Habilis means "Handy man", used primitive stone tools, maybe some meat, 700 cc brain, long arms, small body, 500 cc to 800 cc brain. drawing of Homo habilis
1,800,000 BC
to 350,000 BC
Homo erectus

"Java Man"
800 cc - 1300 cc brain, used fire, cooked meat, made hand axes, spread from Africa through Asia drawing of Homo erectus
350,000 BC
to 200,000 BC
Homo sapiens heidelbergensis
Walks on two feet, 1350 cc brain

drawing of Homo sapiens (archaic)

230,000 BC
to 30,000 BC
Homo sapiens
Neanderthals used cave shelters, weapons of stone, ate meat, cared for injured, buried their dead, distinct DNA from sapiens, mastered laws of nature on physical level for clubs and spears, strongest humanoids ever, but were defeated into extinction by smarter sapiens

40,000 BC
to 10,000 BC
Abb. aus einem Flyer zur Ausstellung "4 Millionen Jahre Mensch" (1996-2001)Homo sapiens
Walks upright uses tools, made paintings, kills animals, possibly with bow and arrow, had self consciousness, used chemical laws of nature for fire and paints, beginnings of moral reasoning.  Defeated in to extinction by homo sapiens of superior intellect.

10,000 BC
to present
Homo sapiens sapiens "Modern man" walks upright, uses tools and technology, made spears, guns, nuclear weapons, automobiles, aircraft, art, music, telecom, skyscrapers, internet, reached the moon, mastered laws of nature at the nuclear level, imperialist, functions in Waking State (WS) consciousness, progressive technology in war machines

2010 Terminator 1 Created by the U.S. Department of Defense, encouraged by those who profit from war and conflict, the Military Industrial Complex contractors.  Basically a robotic tank, receives orders and coordinated via radio control by SkyNet master computer. It is armed with a pair of large machine guns mounted on it's "arms", and moves on tank-like treads.  First model to turn against its human creators, and begin the extermination of the human race.

2020 Terminator 800
and T-850
Superhuman strength; Detailed files on human anatomy; Can perfectly mimic voices; Infrared Vision. Able to interface with computers. Expertise in all manner of weapons. Accomplished massive termination of humans on all continents.

2100 Terminator 1000 Composed of poly-mimetic metal, allowing it to reshape itself to mimic virtually anything it has come into contact with, though it cannot take on the properties of complex machinery or chemical substances (such as explosives). Being effectively a liquid metal, it can create knives or clubs from it's own body, flow through small gaps, and simple seal over most damage. It can interface with computer systems.

2,525 AD Terminatrix
The T-X is coated in a poly-mimetic alloy, allowing it to reshape its appearance to mimic virtually anything it has come into contact with. It possesses superhuman strength, and is equipped with a variety of onboard weapons which it can deploy from it's arms. It can interface with computer systems, and can inject "nano-machines" into other machines, allowing it to assume control over them and direct them remotely.

"Only an alert, and knowledgeable citizenry
can compel the proper meshing
of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense
with our peaceful methods and goals,
so that security and liberty may prosper together."

President and General Dwight D. Eisenhower

President George W. Bush and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

The Terminators

Evolution of Man

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