Invincible Dome Campaign
To improve the roof

Dear Friends of the TM Community,

The roof of the Men's Golden Dome is leaking and needs to be fixed right away, and we need your help to do it.  Whether you enjoy group program in the Men's Dome eery day or as a visitor from out of town, we invite you to make a meaningful contribution.

This is The Golden Dome.  The Men's Dome.  The only building on campus Maharishi inaugurated in person.  The place where every major all-community meeting happens.  Graduations, guest speakers, live talks with Maharishi.  The place every visitor wants to tour.  Our showplace.  The building featured in many articles and most publicity.

Sadly, the aging roof doesn't look good, and worse it's leaking now.  We really need to fix it now to preserve the building.  Ultimately we want to see the full Men's Doe renovation completed, but the first and immediate priority is to repair the roof, at a cost of $165,000.

Thinking deeply about what's most important in our community, the Golden Domes must be near the top of the list.  The Domes are intimate to our program and very intimate to our personal evolution.  They are fundamental to our cherished goals of invincibility for our country, and for creating a more perfect world.

There does seem to be an endless number of projects that are always urgent and deserve our support, but are any more important for us than maintaining the Domes?

Because Dome attendance is free, there is no operating budget for repairs.  Also, it turns out there isn't money in the regular University operating budget for major repairs either.  And the very generous scholarship donation, funding the Invincible America Assembly, is not available for repairs.

So that leaves it up to us to fix the Dome roof.  Think of it as a small way to repay Maharishi's generosity of free program, Vedic Pandits here, Purusha here, Mother Divine here, calls from Maharishi, grants for those who are doing long program.  There has never been so much given to this community for so little cost.

The Dome is at the heart and soul of our community, so please send your donation or pledge now so we can make the deposit required to make a repair appointment this summer.

Jai Guru Dev

Frank Wintroub Peters Huggins Carl Stone Richard Hobbs Steven Winn
Paul Tarnoff Randy Small Bob Markowitz Jamie Vollmer Bob Seal

PS. Please help us raise funds to repair the Maharishi Patanjali Dome.  Maharishi is allowing us the honor to carry on his very precious work.  Now more than ever, when something needs to be done, we must be the ones to step up and get the job done.  Please make your donation or pledge now at whatever level you can, and thank you in advance for your support.


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Invincible Dome Campaign Phase II