F. No Fly Zone    - for your information and enjoyment
These songs mention flying, but turned out to have little to do with levitation.

  F Taxi Driver Harry Chapin lyrics She was going to be an actress
And I was going to learn to fly
She took off to find the foot lights
I took off to find the sky. 
And I fly so high...
  F Velcro Fly


ZZ Top mp3
Do the velcro fly
Do the velcro fly
  F Over My Head Fleetwood Mac lyrics You can take me to a paradise
I'm over my head,
But it sure feels nice
  F New Way to Fly Garth Brooks lyrics A new way to fly
Far away from goodbye
Above the clouds and the rain
By the end of the night
They'll be high as a kite
  F Light My Fire The Doors
Jim Morrison


You know that it would be untrue
You know that I would be a liar
If I was to say to you
Girl, we couldnít get much higher
  F Don't Let It Get You Down Crosby Stills Nash & Young lyrics Donít let it bring you down
Itís only castles burning,
Find someone whoís turning
And you will come around.
  F The Flying Dutchman Zed Yago lyrics There is a world not world,
beyond the water
where nothing is but what is not,
where she live.
  F The Fly
The Fly II
Jeff Goldblum lyrics Dr. Seth Brundle is a scientists who becomes genetically combined with a fly during a teleportation experiment..
  F Space Fly Tamara mp3 Can you envision
Would you believe what I say is true
Happiness beyond compare
My Life
  F How High Can You Fly Ween mp3 How high can you fly?
Can you get high?
  F Fly A- ROC mp3 rap FLY


Fly Daddy Banned It mp3 none found Rules
  f Fly Bell Witch


mp3 120 pounds of pure will
He'd fly, fly
Like a gust of wind from a hurricane
He'd move so fast you thought he'd take flight
Bell Witch The Movie Soundtrack
  F Fly Breed 77 mp3 unintelligible
We fly!
We fly alone
The sky is my home
Breed 77
  F Fly Bryan K. Washington mp3 instrumental
  F Fly Chocotec mp3 electronic instruments
Fly, ooh.
Full Force
  F Fly


Claudio Ranalli




instrumental Fastastica Fisarmonica 16 Valzer Lenti
  F Fly Cola mp3 Let me fly
Lift my face to the sky
You took my pain
and let me fly
All This Rock N' Roll
  F Fly Cornelius mp3 Fly, fly
F Ride Like The Wind


Christopher Cross



Ride like the wind
To be free again
  F SuperFly Curtis Mayfield lyrics


Oooh, Superfly
You're gonna make your fortune by and by
But if you lose, don't ask no questions why
The only game you know is Do or Die
  F Fly on the Wind Screen Depeche mode midi    
  F Number One Chaz Jankel mp3 Number One is the one way to salvation
I'll do my best
do beat the rest
and be the best in the nation
  F I'm Falling ComSat Angels mp3 Something tells me I'll never be the same