Vedic City, Fairfield, Iowa
near the Physical and Population
Brahmasthan of the USA

Geographic Center
Center of the American Soil
Belle Fourche
South Dakota 

Population Center
Center of American Soul
Edgar Springs/Montgomery City Missouri

The Geographic Brahmasthan of the United States is Belle Fourche, South Dakota, the Geographical Center of all 50 states, the center of rocks and dirt of the total unified country of the USA (including Alaska and Hawaii) - since 1959
Note: The physical center is not in Kansas any more.

The Population Brahmasthan of the United States is between Edgar Springs, Missouri according to US Census data, or Montgomery City, Missouri according to Dr. David Recheson, who used a computerized calculus method (see below).

The Center of the Nation is located 20.8 miles north of Belle Fourche, S.D. The Belle Fourche Chamber of Commerce has been raising money for the past eight years hoping to build a monument to better showcase the Center of the Nation. The red pole on a cement pad is the only marker at this time. It can hardly be seen from the road.

This is about 176 miles south from Vedic City, Iowa
the Consciousness Center of the USA

176 miles  is within the 5% range of deviation from the calculated center.

Former geographic centers of the United States

Washington DC - the First Brahmasthan
In July 1790 the District of Columbia was  founded as a planned city near the geographic center of the original 13 colonies of the United States. It was to be a fair horse ride for Congressmen and Senators - equal distance from Maine and Florida.

Smith Center, Lebanon Kansas
For a few years, until 1958, over 48 years ago, the Geographical Center of lower 48 states only was near Smith County.  They are not welcoming the wasteful TM organization's land purchase indicating lack of support of Nature.  Why?  The town lost its significance, and a tourist shop went out of business, when Alaska, the largest state, pulled the previous Brahmasthan significantly North West from Kansas, when President Eisenhower signed it as the 49th state on January 3, 1959. 

The center of the USA moved again, when Hawaii became the 50th state on August 21, 1959.

More centers of the USA throughout history

Why is the Brahmasthan important?
The optimal point for spreading coherence to Americans

Fairfield Iowa creates Brain Wave Coherence (BWC) from its location as the Brahmasthan of the American people, the optimal point for giving. 

Light from the Golden Domes  generously shines like a light bulb, not expecting much to return from the darkness, just the satisfaction from spreading light.  In return, Fairfield Sidhas also receive enlightenment and good karma.  Brain Wave Coherence (BWC) spreads outwards from the Consciousness Brahmasthan, and is somewhat influenced by the surroundings.  From Fairfield, the coherence creating group can most evenly distribute coherence to the collective consciousness of the population of the United States. 

For example, if the group moves westward, then that would decrease the coherence in Maine and Florida while the coherence would increase in Alaska and Hawaii.   The significance of the Brahmasthan is the support of nature that a coherence creating group gives to it, by practicing the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhis Program from that point.

Physical (land) Center of the USA - Castle Rock, South Dakota
Population (people) Center of the USA - Montgomery City, Missouri

How Can The Locations Be Computed?

Research results reference:
The Center of the United States and other Applications of Calculus to Geography  (PDF)
by David Recheson, PhD
Associate Professor
Mathematics and Computer Science
Dickinson University  Carlisle, PA  17013

Dr. Recheson

The center of mass (x, y) for a set of n points in the plan, the ith of which has mass mi at (xi, yi) satisfies

Using the centroid formula, the population center would be located  in Montgomery City, Missouri, approximately 70 miles west-northwest of St. Louis.

Montgomery City, Missouri is just 176 miles south of Fairfield & Vedic City, Iowa.
Edgar Springs, Missouri was named by the Census Bureau as the population center in 2001.

If we consider the population of Alaska and Hawaii, although relatively small, this would move the centroid north west, and nearer to Fairfield, Iowa.

Maharishi got it right the first time - by choosing Fairfield Iowa

He was not wrong.  He was not off by a few states.  He was right on.

students arriving on campus in 1974 University Founder His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Newspaper articles announcing MIU's arrival in Iowa
Maharishi International University moved its campus from California to Iowa in 1974.
Maharishi chose the location by spontaneous cognition, confirmed by mathematics.
Nature provided the perfect location, near the Brahmasthan of the USA population.

Maharishi also got it right to establish a TM community in
Washington DC - the First Brahmasthan of the United States of America

In July 1790 the District of Columbia was  founded as a planned city near the geographic center
of the original 13 colonies of the United States. It was to be a fair horse ride for
Congressmen and Senators - equal distance from the northern and southern states.




At 591,000 square miles, Alaska is as wide as the lower 48 states
and larger than Texas, California and Montana combined.


The controversy: THE Geographic Center of the 50 States
Finding the Geographic Center of the USA
The Center for Land Use Interpretation Newsletter

The Center of the United States and other Applications of Calculus to Geography   PDF

Where is the Geographic Center of the United States?

Where is the geographical center of the United States?

As we learned while reading an archived newsletter from the Center for Land Use Interpretation, there are several answers to your question:
  • The geographical center of the lower 48 states lies outside of Lebanon, Kansas, in the middle of a hog farm.
  • The geographical center of all 50 states is located 17 miles west of Castle Rock, South Dakota.
  • The geodetic center of the U.S. is found approximately 42 miles south of Lebanon, Kansas. (Note: A geodetic survey makes corrections to account for the curvature of the Earth.)

The article is quick to point out, however, that none of the designated "centers" are truly precise or objectively determined:

Many variables exist when calculating the center of a land mass as large as the United States, and selective criteria and methods can be used, from the selection of different map projections, to defining the periphery of the shape with varying degrees of accuracy.

In fact, scientists at the Geodetic Survey have stopped calculating "centers" due to the imprecise nature of the task. Oscar S. Adams, Senior Mathematician for the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey, even wrote, "Since there is no definite way to locate such a point, it would be best to ignore it entirely...."
Near the Population Center of the United States

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