Senator Bernie Sanders
Democrat, Vermont

Ottumwa Iowa, September 3, 2015

Senator Bernie Sanders visited the new campaign headquarters in Ottumwa, Iowa on September 3, 2015 . He heard about the Golden Dome for group meditation that Senator Tom Harkin spoke in for the graduation from Maharishi University.

Award winning CNN reporter Suzanne Malveaux also heard about these topics for the first time.

To Senator Bernie Sanders (Democrat, Vermont)

2:50 "Senator Harkin visited Fairfield Iowa where they have the Golden Dome for the largest group meditation for peace promoting defense."
Bernie: "Thank you".
Rick: "I'll send it to your office."

Senator Tom Harkin (D-Ia) spoke at Maharishi University of Management in 2013

7:20 "Remember on Route 1 you can see the Golden Domes in Fairfield Iowa. And Senate Bill 1471. 28 pages. Discredit Bush. Thank you.  You're the man."

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Bernie's whole speech:

Interview with award winning CNN Reporter Suzanne Malveaux
White House correspondent, graduate of Harvard University

9:50 Rick: I was telling the Senator that Senator Harkin spoke in Fairfield Iowa, that is on his way to Burlington, I was suggesting that he take a look at these Golden Domes where 2000 people meditate, which has an influence to help raise collective consciousness and provides an influence of defense. So I hope he will stop by on his way through Fairfield.

Suzanne: Yeah. Well, that's good to know. Thank you.

10:30  At that time, I was critical of Trump's chicken hawk war mongering

Rick gave Suzanne the brochures for the graduation commencement speech given by Senator Harkin in 2013, and for the 2014 speech given by Dr. Jim Carrey.

Senator Tom Harkin spoke at Maharishi University graduation in the Golden Dome in 2013.

Iowa State Fair, August 15, 2015

Press conference with Des Moines Register -

CBS Evening News

Huge crowd for Senator Benie Sanders

Small crowd for Hillary

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Senator Bernie Sanders