Senator Lindsay Graham
About group TM based defense:  "I'm for anything that helps."

Lindsey Graham gave a speech at Iowa Wesleyan University in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa on August 18, 2015. This was an opportunity to ask him about peaceful defense technology (9:50 ), Jobs in Iowa (16:38) , and releasing info on who funded 9/11 (25:10).

9:50 - Group Meditation for National Defense
Rick: "Since you are in the area, and the reason I am in Fairfield Iowa, is to be near the largest group meditation. And if you take a look at there are generals - and if you are familiar with General Albert Stubblebine, he is supporting this - along with Dr. John Hagelin, to create an influence of coherence to disallow the birth of an enemy. So, if you could drive through Fairfield, past the Golden Domes, you could check it out."
Lindsay: "I'm for anything that helps."
Rick: "Great!"

16:35 - Keeping jobs in Iowa
There are some business, like in Mt. Pleasant, Blue Bird which used to create a lot of school buses, and they went out of business. In Fairfield, Primus Telecommunications offshored all the jobs to India. Would do as Donald Trump says, call them and demand they stay in the US?
Lindsay: "No. I wouldn't. I am not going to tell somebody how to run their business."

25:10 - Release of the 28 Pages
Rick: "There is a Senate Bill 1471, to release the 28 page chapter that George Bush classified about who funded 9/11. This is like one of the biggest crimes. Covering up the funding of a crime it is a crime. It is obstruction of justice. It is harboring terrorism. Do you support the release of these pages?"
Lindsay: He said "If you let me look at it. You're the second person who asked me. I haven't seen it. I'll get back to you."

37:30 - Closing reminders
Lindsay: "We'll do it. Fairfield. Gotcha!"

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