Maharishi on Merv Griffin

Transcript from 1975 TV Show

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[Introductory music - "Merv's Theme" then Beatles song to much applause]

MERV:  I welcome you Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. I see you have a few friends here.

MAHARISHI:  Thank you.  Actually ...

MERV:  I've waited a long time to have you on the show.  I admire you. I admire what you're doing.  And I think I'll make everyone comfortable and let everybody know, I'm a meditator.


MERV: And I've never felt better in my life.  It is terrific.  I feel like the Man of La Mantra.  That's what I feel like.


MERV: How is your trip going so far, Maharishi?

MAHARISHI: We are very satisfied with the response of the people to the Dawn of the Age of Enlightenment, a better time for the world.  Crime rate goes down.  Sickness rate, at the same time, goes down.  It is this which inspired us to inaugurate the Dawn of the Age of Enlightenment.

It would be willing to pay
p but now there not ground for doubt. days nor down but does he need only be paying off for the
in it Brandon reportedly it is over
it he said that way
maybe government in if they meander
we'll have more I was brought to with my twenties
who is a minute even right bro me a lot of fun we played tennis together
You know tennis?

Yes I do. 

I find my self very strange with you Maharishi
as if don't know any of our games our our customs
in here are them waiting to get in
manned I want component is a onto the court to drive a car
como se will you doing it p.m. the first no
you're telling me my hand and I'm I asked him about it
and the your meditator disease with his dick Boer young son has a football team
he didn't do their children
and I just said but he seemed to be on her simplicity up with both
rescue and when you were initiated in the first it didn't happen
Matt use stark the Asian
you think "well thi is so simple ways as embarrassing as anybody looking at me
throughout your reading it you're right into your meditation
and in 20 min your hound correction
for and then I can go right down beat him in tennis!

TM Tennis meditation

we'll be right back after this work

Transcendnetal Meidation is a very personal thing sentiment may take a daily rate but in everything
very for very personal and the reason we talk about it
I is because the
weeks I for what is done for our lives we want everybody to sharing that
the man who is about to join us for Mar it from
I told you about on the last show I often play tennis with him
yeah and when I used up all his house for maid would say
I'm sorry they are doing that here and I'm what will happen must be some
religious thing I've never heard over
hot and let it until finally one day I the what is it
and he explained as much it he with me told me about it
which got me interested obviously because of his meditation
and influencing me in my interest and then
trying desperately to get you to come to do the show has obviously
proven the great influence it has I'm not on the audience so I credit much to
the surge
in now interest in a in the TM program
station program the met he is the world number one pop superstar
in motion pictures and he is Clint Eastwood

You hear couple of yelps from the balcony?
Well it's all because of Clint that I got started on it
I think about three and a half in four years and I'm sure theme
ever miss no I think admitted about 1050 times over that
the truth how meditating burn
no I don't north in recent the in recent years and the
I try not to that is at first you're gonna you
you get complacent about you soon you 1
it is and I'm not used to it now primal your YouTube whatever it was grand
cellular you have to Kim has begun a different breed
got you interested in the first place you never told me that
well i i soon I had some friends who were
great things happen to my the they seemed
run changes
there writers seem to one
their home nervous is no other girl lives in June I figured
for a most recently do it I was a skeptic refers to him as a good thing
about most things I'm not
usury got into that
too fat but I felt that them
know I feel the first improvement I was on a picture where
living at I was having our problems politicians who knows I was feeling is a
and I started talking to an actress is on the home she said and done
and these in the watching an approved people over the years
but the fact that profound there was no an
as I did not prepared for anything the node religious aspects to it
I figured with their own there's it's worth a try
little do comparisons to
obviously you you do physical exercises
you're a lot older than I am here them
Thune there
a lot younger than i think you're obviously in very good shape for the
with some pictures require a lot of energy and physical strain
is a complete do everything together movies three
Murray season mysteries was making a Western right now
call the Josey Wales and
and home is a true story and he suggested maybe it would be more
interesting than
said pulling out a gun that he pulled out a flower three
said what exactly went nowhere them
I wanted to confirm it at 31 percent of the population three earlier
3 is your turn to know meditation
comparable to the physical exercise you do the state
going to head pics inside them
your other day I think 20 min morning thank you upset you
reminded you can do you need after the Sooners exerciser at
over that everything is going to work with the kind of work you do
putting on civil show that I don't move would be the ideal
plant because no medication three does
to show the day and through fixed-fee the I was
admire people who can do these conditions
and then deal with differences
wide range people they have on our time
and you you know the year the victims within the in the other room there
I'm user who drew uses 31 here you've become the most famous mother there in a
theme only because I'm so enthusiastic about it i just want to see it happen
for everybody
%um in the last pictured mysteries with made it was made in the out
and it was about climbing the officer was called the IDR sanction was about
the eicher
problem I in the first days of shooting
you lost cameramen I'm your own
you hadn't bought a new mobile problems to worry you'd almost couldn't overcome
you told me that if the work your chance and imitation you don't know how you
would have made it
to the beginning that motion pictures it well I think it refers we can use that
term is no
termination to continue through the film and I think that the
I would have to say that boo
dreamworks with my mind being sorta meditations
her I'm sure alkaline
I was directing the film which is man which is a big
insurance offers the ranking and
lien it did it mean when you getting
for five hours sleep a night briefing stations a great britain gun
we'll be right back after this word three
there's tacit agreement on a new york city tax plan I'm def we'll have the
on Action News at six for further information on the truck on
3c I want to listen to this answer very good thing you tell us if we had a wrong
it may seem like it is gonna the No
a I I've staged scenes and brought about this agreement on about how I would have
certain things that
yeah say cuz because when most people I think are under the illusion that
meditation you should remind
when he brought her and show her you should your mind up
and i think is the fact is your mind continues function
this is that you nervous system drop
considerably metabolic rate drops so you know the
no matter what kind of a situation is tense situation you thinking about
your body's turn in your mind you nervous system and
so know you can figure out what your were orderly I think the maharishi 100
a bouncer in the around you can fish for the day should you create
premeditation on
what many humanity you think be
your last name army mine in a very beautiful
situation nucleate boiling
the already settled down group down and with that
really brought on from behind Kennedy gave no landing
repay unbounded no boundaries beam
me down and he may be a great game like you waive
59 believe that her down fifty down
you a bigger reply everything on the organ
and he's gay if I'm around 80-90
to no boundaries played a be mine
in many bpm settling down it becomes
I'm surrounded me really thank you
rar began can and I'm
really gossiping and even only an evening
pp do reward car
and mean fifty do would be FBI
the of I'm be mean to get it done
the great like an hour rip if you want to be the team
and so many items deemed him me impeded
the invitation bad and the media room in RB
I don't in many many hate him
meh the from the hand maybe not get
if you want to to feed people training design
mitigation and that rainy rainy crappy
whose if automatically gain name
bank even great might be good
to create anything for many many game
so many men did so many would game
Big Bear are me get bien me
get our friend I'm name intimidation
no and you see him notepad good
nice to look began one
the No we have a car one-day delivery neck
and remain heading down in any nation
lady gave comprehension even a sleepy too
sleep more be and he seems tame
maybe my very beautiful to create
anything from here fine 58
yelling in customer know that goes up by the fire
be even get a few you and I you
had all the education be Indian be bpm
me be he value of even
in bed and found in a red meat reading writing
be freely team am
me and mine brought EPA team
and why me a return
maybe understanding who our
group today who
me many mind games
the medication it
you bang the situation to create
anyone bpm party asiana
p.m. it brought in from behind
and a million program shot economic immediate
me namely it over
to get you something meditation leading
development mi amor no and
I an hour they demean
from a field of on forty million
went and the mitigation
age and and Neelu van
situation to create an easy one mean
relates to dry you there you can be created
on for
hit me hey we need it it'd be with them into the movement
how to remove the laura b of 10
many taking the lead and now they had many 1588 any IDE
now I with him do
no improved me
easy feat privately
on the I'm digital enemy
down data both 800
beaded are that him
and our live blog iffy mind for rate
and what baby BNP who
third love mean you human
between med me a warm me
p.m. bad I not in favor of mine intuition
in Houston tho for
maybe the meeting only three new
mentor have any that I am begin to feel
it on be anything
even gave you need to put a deadbeat dad nor
be no done been intimidation we had been talking
believe them have really appreciate any good care of and
and handling fee demanded my baby a behavior %um
but now are he of both men
on me morton beefy level 3 15
we've and me game on our home
rained out you know me at it profit he
even a.m. I you he
them NV he's
the understanding that group
from the the breakroom the I'd
gate he felt vacation p on her
mickey room the Vietnamese feelin
from RAM Mb manifestation everything you need
you can come help me frightening %uh
one we can be fun with competition
week the feeder cruncher main
cosby female friendship maybe not now let me
we've own that mining we want in our
a on Dec 2nd favorite you
44 group
it's coming up p.m. lead eighty possible good
bill be
Frankie firm enough food get be bad you
machiavellian then for the Fenton
maybe they can bring minivan potentially
me you cover be related in
and all the many p medicaid through thank you baby
05 yeah he's a colony in Batavia
more been bad the typhoon
poopy many devotees adding be a delay
you have any inaccurate through the Thanksgiving
the prev get school game
Mac the are me thinking and
if not do you started
the main when into the feel of a given
and making brownies it flew team and a big dogs in pain
yet we'll be right back at his word
got their
even Calif 150 what time
intimidation wine and crummy is an official
even poopy many organization
every every day me intervene dvdrip breaking
no government game do it be true
right BB who don't be mad the North five-day
game need to make you mine already tired
run behave then be that
government it and ready did nothing
Barbie independent organization we get a physician
me you coming days a committee meeting and all the meat
immunity there were many independent command what you must come
in front of him the Cleveland look at me
we shouldn't be eating baby be true 5:30 candy
that movie main are it happen
no anti-government it more later
every legal team many people who knew
you know how can people find in Fig somewhere
me down and it didn't take care of the football field house in 15 as coming
from where
me down the debt to take it over thankies
Harper read it baby people who
cool game watergate these from the government
what time can make a meditation no
need is and mean
army evening RT got when he may be wearing black and in 1972
the phone from you think he said that
be today good in hard water
Asian and having found that run for anything
of the people who may be me down me feat me today
anti-gang the date and the heating yesterday
the new in baton heading the mandate
the phone line
Bieber Barnstable I'm government a lucky man you need to legislate
related to the holder of the lake and know the weather into
run me in big men and open
then can get to game BK the one to take a look at the kid
on a windy wet and 27-year-old
that the game far I'm great even
one and many on me govern
me and means everything even though the garment mean
and I'm coming down the evening our people make brekkie
according to be done and we are not made to be used to be government
only remember medication
is and MTV Europe at Philip
anymore here play from the need to leave message the Broadcom the hands and knees
I move up every parking at him
the re to be found living in TV your anything team
phpBB need so high %um
nomming only like even there %uh
game you're on the air configuration no matter what system of government met
if not be combat six feet are be the people who are handling the fiefdom
PVC trip David too much debt your
in the company him community nato and then look at what they do
may go around the bush ended in defeat 3 if people really want to
friend appear that

As I told you Clint Eastwood is making a film
in northern Calif you and he left his just to come  down
today  to Los Angeles say hello to you

tIt wa sveyr good and very kind
Wha we aim is 1% of the population and have a beautifuly qulaity of life

Thank you.
We'll be right back




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