Tourism Trek to Riverside Iowa
future site of Captain Kirk's Birth Place

Congregate Meals sign.

See where Captain James T. Kirk will be born March 22, 2233 - according to

Enterprise replica.
Visit Star Ship Enterprise model
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Total Time Each Way: 1 hour
Total Distance:
50.68 miles / 81.56 km
.000000000000000368 parsecs
Return trajectory via Kalona shop

Iowa Tourist Attractions

Voyage Home Riversity History Center 

Video Tour 

Photos March 22, 2007

Article: On Assignment

Star Trek Fans - Enjoy a Free Annual Event - TrekFest

Star Trek Theme with Captain Kirk

First Contact Theme
by Jerry Goldsmith



Fleet blasts off from 806 North 4th Street
Across the street from Maharishi School
Thursday March 22, 2007
(sharp) - 4:00 pm
After lunch and back in time for program

To reserve your seat on a shuttle please call David at 472-5830 x 2
Remember your camera and tricorder to record this historic away mission.
Star Fleet regulation uniforms encouraged but not required.
Star Trek is a trademark of Paramount Pictures