On November 5, 2005, Fort Lauderdale based Zero Gravity Corporation will offer Weightless Flights aboard its specially modified Boeing aircraft and will use the same location the Space Shuttle uses to land at the Kennedy Space Center. This offer is made exclusively through a marketing partnership with Space.com. Although numerous astronauts and NASA personnel have used the SLF, it has never been made available for civilian use.

Book Your Adventure Now!

  • Launch into Weightlessness from the Kennedy Space Center
  • You'll be accompanied on the flight by 3 Shuttle Astronauts
  • Never before approved by NASA
  • Be on the first commercial flights off the Shuttle Landing Facility

This once in a lifetime opportunity is available for $4,500 plus tax.

Weightless Flight includes:

  • Weightless Flight from the SLF with Martian, Lunar and zero gravity
  • Ground training in a VIP conference room at Apollo/ Saturn V Center overlooking historic space artifacts
  • Participation by a veteran astronaut who will share his experiences and fly with you
  • ZERO-G flight suit and souvenirs
  • Personalized photographs and DVD/Video
  • Post-flight Regravitation Party
  • Admission into the Kennedy Space Center Visitors Complex

    SPACE.Com, a Division of Imaginova Corp., provides promotional services to Zero Gravity Corporation ("ZERO G"). Potential ZERO G customers should consult www.nogravity.com for complete information regarding the ZERO G services and booking policies.


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