Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment Enrollment


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Graduating Classes


Class of 2005 - 42 total, 21 girls, 21 boys (34 pictured)
Class of 2023 - 15 total, 9 girls, 6 boys

22 boys on the Soccer Team

Class of 2001 - 22 ladies lunch party


Why has MSAE enrollment dropped?  Theories:

Celebrating celibacy too much with Poorusha (working free) and Motherless Divine
removing our most dedicated TMeditators' DNA from the evolutionary gene pool.
It is a bigger contribution to the Age of Enlightenment to raise kids

Most of TM Movement leaders have few, if any, biological children
setting an example for high IQ, enlightened DNA extinction.

"Woke" leftist agenda drives some parents away

High expense for tuition Fairfield High School

Straying from Science of Creative Intelligence (SCI) basics

High consciousness is needed to think of ourselves as part of a community Self
evolving over the long span of time, not just selfish isolated individual life goals

Need to keep in mind Maharishi's World Plan*
"to achieve the spiritual goals of all mankind in this generation"
and the next ones!

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Composite photos

The TM Movement needs more and bigger families.
More Paparushas and Divine Mothers
Not Purushas and Mother Divine

Amish, Mormon, and Muslim families understand this.
5 children per woman is considered normal.

* Maharishi's 7 Goals of the World Plan

1. To develop the full potential of the individual
2. To improve governmental achievements
3. To realise the highest ideal of education
4. To solve the problems of crime, drug abuse, and all behaviour that brings unhappiness to the family of man
5. To maximize the intelligent use of the environment
6. To bring fulfilment to the economic aspirations of individuals and society
To achieve the spiritual goals of mankind in this generation.

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Jai Guru Dev

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